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Tools and Accessories
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APE Positive Stop TDC Tools
The only accurate way to find top dead center. CNC machined billet aluminum.y accurate way to fin..
Compression Tester
Universal compression tester kit includes a shock resistant gauge that reads .0300 PSI with bleed..
Degree Wheel 11"
11" Cam Degree Wheel to accurately set camshaft timing ("degree the cam") while also checking top..
Dual Gauge Leak-Down Tester
Use to pinpoint power robbing leakage in the piston bore, rings, valves, heads or gaskets; or to s..
Leak Down Tester
Designed to check the amount of cylinder leakage in 4 stroke engines. Gauge will register the amo..
Morosso Tyre Pressure Gauge 0-15
Allows you to read tire pressures more clearly at night and in poorly lit areas. Includes standar..
MTC Clutch Picks with magnetic handles
These are the ultimate clutch tools! Strong magnets in the ends of the handles to pull out the st..
Piston Pin Puller
Universal Piston Pin Puller. Aids in removing Piston pins without damaging the piston. Fits all pi..
Pit Posse 1lb Tie Wire
Stainless Steel safety wire .032" diameter in self contained spool to keep wire from unwinding in..
Posse Chain Cutter and Riveting Tool
From #35 to #530. For chain #520 and up, it is recommended to grind the rivet head. Each kit incl..
Safety Wire Pliers 6"
6" Safety Wire Pliers. Grips, cuts and twists wire. A must for serious racers! ..
Safety Wire Pliers 9"
9"Safety Wire Pliers. Grips, cuts and twists wire. A must for serious racers! ..
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