• Lectron Carburetor RMZ 250 Kits
  • Lectron Carburetor RMZ 250 Kits
  • Lectron Carburetor RMZ 250 Kits

Lectron Carburetor RMZ 250 Kits

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DRZ E models that came stock with an FCR carburetor will need a non-E model intake boot.

Our Gen II 4 stroke kits are ready to go. Through thorough testing, we are confident to say that our carbs will out perform anything else on the market while getting better fuel economy, making more power, and never having to rejet!

The kits include:
Gen 2 Four Stroke Carb
Throttle Cable
Throttle Assembly
Billet G2 throttle tube
Progressive rate billet Lectron throttle cam
Aggressive billet throttle cam
G2 Domino Half Waffle Grips

*Lectrons provide superior throttle response and power delivery by utilizing our patented metering rod.

*Our simple design does not incorporate multiple jets to replace.

*Our taper bore squeezes the air to increase speed and create fuel lift behind our flat metering rod.

*Lectrons are a great choice for riders seeking performance, fuel economy, simplicity and smoother power delivery.

*Most 4 stroke engines idle around 1,500 – 2,400 RPMs this is where 4 stroke Lectrons function best but no lower.

*Our new idle correction circuit helps maintain good idle while still having a good throttle snap off low RPM so there is no need for an accelerator pump.
*Lectron is a competitive advantage to 4 stroke engines used for all racing and off road applications.



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