• KTM 450-530 Kits BILLETRON™ PRO
  • KTM 450-530 Kits BILLETRON™ PRO
  • KTM 450-530 Kits BILLETRON™ PRO


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Introducing the BILLETRON™ PRO KTM 4-stroke carburetor kits. The key features include (3) easily adjustable fuel circuits and tailored bore design that work in harmony to deliver an impressive improvement in performance, throttle response, and simplicity. Our patent pending Xcelerator metering rod technology adapts to elevation and air density changes eliminating the complexity of jetting and also provides a quick burst of fuel in rapid throttle openings resulting in a jump of acceleration ability. The externally adjustable Torque Jet and Power Jet provide tailored adjustment of fuel for the bottom and top end producing increased engine efficiency and power output. Additionally, the PRO utilizes a newly designed chrome plated slide to deliver a silky-smooth throttle action while mitigating slide sticking.

Included in PRO KTM 450-530 4-Stroke Kits 

  • Black anodized carburetor
  • Xcelerator metering rod (installed)
  • Chrome plated slide
  • Throttle cable
  • Domino throttle housing

**Included throttle cable and throttle housing are required for function. OEM will not work

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