• Shift Light - Raptor Single Mode Shift Light (Gen II)

Shift Light - Raptor Single Mode Shift Light (Gen II)

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Shift Light - Raptor's second generation single mode shift light. RPM and pulse/rev programmed by digital display and two program buttons, capable of 20K RPM! The display serves as a digital tach when not in program mode. Incorporates an optional output that can be used on sport bikes to trigger an air-shifter, or to simply drive external devices at the shift RPM. Stand alone operation!

Available in four LED colors. Seven bright LEDs visible in direct sunlight.

Easy wire-up: 3 wire connection (4 wire with auxiliary output control) . Power, ground, tach signal (and optional grounded output). With the supplied ten foot long cable, you don't need to add extra wiring (for bikes, cable is 5').

RISC processor for extreme precision and easy user interface.

Tach sensitivity adjustment for varying tach signals.

Dimensions: 3.625" long x 0.75" diameter. The most compact shift light on the market! Allows you to mount it virtually anywhere within the vehicle,

Two different style Mounting Brackets included.

Vinyl covers are for reducing emitted light intensity for night racing. They do not determine the color of the emitted LED light. Covers match the LED color (included) and one black cover included.

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