• 10 lb & 15 lb Nitrous Bottle Warmer

10 lb & 15 lb Nitrous Bottle Warmer

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ARC-Applied Racing Components


ARC manufactures some of the best Nitrous Bottle Warmers out on the market today. They are very Durable, Long Lasting, Superb Quality, and can get your Nitrous up to Optimum Pressure in a matter of minutes. Exact heating times will vary depending on the ambient temperature and climate in your area but the typical time frame is around 10 minutes or so. ARC heaters are some of the fastest heating and will also retain the heat longer by insulating the bottle since the actual heater is a wrap around. This heater will also fit in between your Nitrous Brackets for easy removal if needed.

The optimum Bottle Pressure is between 900-1150psi. Having the correct bottle pressure is essential and very important to any Nitrous user in order to utilize this gas to its full potential and allowing the fuel to atomize correctly.

All ARC Heaters can be run off 12V, 13.8V, and 16V systems on our DC line of heaters. Of course we also offer plug in type regular 110/120V on our AC line of heaters.

This particular Heater is like having 2 warmers in 1. You can use the 110V/120V plug in side while in the pit area and then just maintain the pressure in the staging lanes with your battery's DC current. That way there is no worry of drawing to much power from your system, especially when paired with a automatic pressure switch which ARC also sells. When pairing with a pressure switch the heater will only turn back on if the pressure drops below your preset pressure. Adding a pressure switch to this model heater is very simple and can be used for both AC and DC sides.

The AN-719 Measures 7" Wide x 19" Long. The Velcro straps that secure it around the bottle are made long enough to accommodate 10lb., 15lb, or 20lb bottles. For a cleaner look you can just cut the excess strapping away. This heater will produce 210watts of power if run off 12V, 275watts off 13.8V, and 375watts off 16V. as well as 400watts when run off 110/120V. the amps it will pull is 18 at 12V, 20 at 13.8V, and 24 at 16V.

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