•  Dyna 2000 Kawasaki Z900-Z1000- GPZ1100 Ignition

Dyna 2000 Kawasaki Z900-Z1000- GPZ1100 Ignition

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Dynatek. The Dyna 2000 Digital Performance Ignition for four cylinder engines represents a breakthrough in motorcycle ignition Flexibility. The Dyna 2000 system consists of a state of the art microprocessor controlled ignition module along with an adjustable Dyna dual sensor crank trigger. For the first time you can actually set the ignition timing to what you want to maximize engine performance. A number of different advance curve modes and a broad range rev limiter let you tailor the ignition to your needs.

Features of the Dyna 2000 include:

Fully static timing, independent 1/4 2/3 cylinder timing, built in static timing light, five different advance curves, four different retard modes, test mode, safety interlock input, broad range rev limiter, digital tach output, high energy, easy mounting, complete wiring harness.

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