• Lucas Oil 20W-50 Mineral Motorcycle oil 1ltr

Lucas Oil 20W-50 Mineral Motorcycle oil 1ltr

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Lucas High-Performance Motorcycle Oils are the result of technology gained through years of blending motor oils and gear oils for the racing, industrial and agricultural industries.

Lucas Oil is trusted by professionals throughout the world to protect their racecars, trucks and machinery, and now you can trust it to protect your motorcycles and ATV’s!

Lucas offers a full line of motorcycle oils that far exceed all OEM specifications for the motorcycle and ATV industry. Lucas Motorcycle Oil will lower oil temperature, extend the life of your vital components, reduce noise, reduce leaks and increase performance. On top of all that, it will outlast other oils up to 4 times as long!

Lucas Motorcycle oils can be used in any motorcycle or ATV engine, air cooled or water cooled. Give Lucas a try and experience the results for yourself!

Available Weights:20w50, 20w50 Synthetic, 5w20 Synthetic, 5w30 Synthetic, 10w30 Synthetic, 10w40 Semi-Synthetic, 50wt., 70wt.

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